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Your Cash ... Or Your Cancer

$99,000: That is the price the directors of pharmaceutical firm WSW set for a single course of its game-changing anti-cancer drug, DELGA, despite the profound moral objections of CEO William Prior.


Upon learning of cancer patients' families torn apart by the tragic consequences of that decision, William succumbs to an overpowering ethical quandary, leading his children, Ben and Samantha, to seek reparation worldwide.


Your Cash ... Or Your Cancer is a ground-breaking psychological drama about one man's battle against twisted morality, greed and dishonesty in the drug industry and officialdom, and the price paid by families forced to make the cruellest financial and emotional decisions. 

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ISBN: 9781922532626 (paperback) | 9781922532633 (eBook). 

First Published in 2021. Ocean Reeve Publishing

Reviews for Your Cash ... Or Your Cancer

Professor Tindle explores the challenges that those with rare cancers face in obtaining the latest in cancer therapy. Although these medications are available for many cancers, they are only funded by government access schemes for common cancers.  I recommend this book as an insightful background to the specific moral, ethical, legal and financial challenges when bringing new life-saving treatments to the community, information that will assist in managing  patients affected by these challenges. At the Australian Journal of General Practice,  we try to accommodate the patient voice in papers, a skill  (the author)  has mastered! … (Tindle’s) writing style is very effective in delivering the message on this important issue.  

                                                                         - Professor Stephen Margolis, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

'Few individuals could write this novel with the conviction shown by the author, Robert Tindle, who is not only an immunologist with an international reputation but also a loving, caring father who lost a daughter to cancer after a brave fight.  He weaves his understanding of anti-cancer therapies and his knowledge of the workings of drug regulatory agencies into an intriguing plot that exposes personal prejudice and frailties.  He highlights the agony faced by the CEO of a big pharma who tries to reduce the cost of the company’s lead product to cancer patients while the board is determined to maximise profits. Although the novel is an absorbing work of fiction, many aspects of the plot are based on real-life so that one is left with the feeling “There but for the grace of God go Iirrespective of whether one identifies with the CEO, members of the Board or the patients.'

- Professor Eric Gowans, Acting Scientific Director, The Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research, University of Adelaide

'The author) is … an excellent cancer researcher. This book puts together his scientific knowledge (it could serve as a primer on cancer therapy for medical students) with a personal passionate plea for a more radical and humanistic approach from the pharmaceutical industry towards those with rare cancers.  I now have a more personal
involvement… as I am what is quaintly called a "rare cancer survivor''.  The book does not always succeed in making the story of new immunotherapies easy to understand, but Tindle’s passion comes through, as does a deft appreciation of the cultural differences in science as practiced in the USA, the UK and Australia.'

- Professor Bob Williamson AO FRS FAA FRCP, University of Melbourne

Endorsements for Your Cash ... Or Your Cancer

‘Written by an acknowledged world authority on cancer immunotherapy, this absorbing book addresses the not uncommon dilemma faced by families of patients with rare or uncommon malignancies and also by health authorities with exponentially increasing costs. Philanthropy helps, but in Australia, it is frustratingly rare.’

-  Lawrie W. Powell AC, MD, PhD, FRACP, FRCP (London). Professor Emeritus, the University of Queensland, Australia

‘Drawing on his professional expertise and personal experience, Robert Tindle crafts a gripping and emotional tale about the lengths families will go to for cancer drugs.’

-  Caitlin Shea, Executive Producer (Australian Story), ABC TV

‘Faced with the rising cost of new cancer drugs, families confronting incurable cancer face harrowing decisions. Tindle’s well-research account depicts their monetary and emotional conflicts, integrating  societal and clinical  issues in a highly  approachable way.’

- Peter Lydyard. Immunologist. Emeritus Professor, University College, London, UK

‘The author addresses a current societal problem of families confronting incurable cancer when faced with the mounting cost of new cancer drugs.  The superbly researched  novel portrays their agonising emotional and financial decisions, blending medical and social issues in an engaging, easy-to-read way.’

 -  Helen Heslop MD. Haematological Oncologist, (Houston, Texas), USA

‘An insightful novel involving families, pharmaceutical companies and governments locked together in an intractable dilemma of how to make novel drugs affordable to sufferers from uncommon cancers for which all other treatments have failed. Written in an engaging and gripping style by  a highly respected immunologist and cancer researcher, the novel probes  moral, social and psychological aspects  and considers how the conundrum might be resolved.’

 - Ken Ho  MD, FRACP, FRCP(UK), St. Vincent’s Hospital, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Professor, the University of New South Wales. Australia

‘In the past few decades, medicine has made spectacular progress in understanding and often successfully treating rare diseases. These advancements have, however, led to many concerns due to, among other factors, the increasing costs of the new drugs. This is particularly evident in the field of uncommon cancer, where the heath authorities have to make difficult ethical, societal and financial choices. In this book, Tindle addresses the problem of families confronting incurable cancer when faced with the mounting cost of new cancer drugs.  Conflicting viewpoints and emotions  intertwine in this professionally researched and moving story.’

-  Saveria Campo, Molecular Virologist.  Professor, University of Glasgow, UK

‘In an approachable style written by a well-credentialled author, Tindle explores  moral and ethical issues faced by society over unscrupulous drug prices imposed upon sufferers from uncommon cancers and examines how they might be avoided.’

 -  W. Martin Kast, Professor of  Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Urology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. USA

‘The fears, the doubt, the joy --- all come through  in this novel of personal lives spinning out of control in the medicalised world of sufferers from uncommon cancers.’

 -  Simone Leyden,  CEO NeuroEndocrine Council Australia. Research Chair – International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance

‘This may be fiction, but Robert Tindle has a unique factual experience to draw on as a medical researcher, advocate and father. More than a decade ago, Cancer Council highlighted the amazing story of Professor Tindle and his daughter when campaigning against commercial monopolies over gene sequences that threatened to stymie non-profit research. This story is far from over. Wherever there are opportunities to profit from disease, a would-be commercial monopoly is waiting.’

– Paul Grogan, former director of advocacy, Cancer Council Australia

 ‘It is a problem that won’t go away ⸺ ordinary folk forced to pay huge sums to the pharmaceutical industry for the only drugs offering a chance of survival from their rare cancers, and governments unable to assist because of competing demands on the health care budget.  Furthermore, sympathetic industry decision-makers are unable to change the profit-at-all-costs mantra of their paymasters. The novel lucidly picks through the emotions of those involved and how a solution might be found. An informative read.’

- Hedley Rees, PharmaFlow (Wales). Author of ‘Taming the Big Pharma monster (Filament Publishing, 2019). UK

‘The narrative portrays the diverse perspectives of those with terminal cancer and governments and pharmaceutical companies over access to promising new cancer drugs.  It raises moral questions for health ministries and drug manufacturers trying to do what is best for people living with cancer and for society as a whole. But above all, it is a heart-warming human tale that needs to be told and one I have no hesitation in recommending.’

- Jenny Murray CEO  Life Science Group. UK

‘Few have the professional and real-life experience to convey the predicaments in which families mired in incurable cancer, and which well-intentioned governments find themselves when faced with the ever-rising costs imposed by drug companies for their new cancer drugs. Robert Tindle describes the frustrations faced by emotionally struggling families and by administrators seeking to spend the healthcare dollar wisely. A thought-provoking and compassionate read.

 - Mary and Fred Moschini, Rare Cancers Australia (advocates)

‘The emotional and psychological consequences for cancer patients for whom all hope has gone are compassionately described by a well-credentialled author. You will be both informed and moved by this true-to-life tale’.

- Dr Margaret McFarland, Clinical Psychologist. Australia 

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