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A Curious Life. 

From northern England's slums and religious indoctrination to front-line research institutions worldwide, stem cell pioneer Robert Tindle's relentless curiosity led him to a remarkable career in fields as disparate as evolutionary biology and immunotherapy for cancer.


Following years of fieldwork on the Galapagos Islands, he pioneered breakthroughs in biomedical research in Australia and the United Kingdom.


This book conveys the excitement of scientific discovery and chronicles how his own discoveries were used to save the life of his daughter.


A testament to the relentless expansion of scientific knowledge, and what this means for humankind's perception of its identity in the cosmos, this story captures an incredible journey of discovery and the deeply personal implications of progress. 

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ISBN: 9781925236873 (paperback) | 9781925522266 (eBook)

First Published in 2016. Boolarong Press

Endorsements for A Curious Life. 

'A good read ... Written in an approachable style, this mix of a personal tale ... and scientific and philosophical matters highlights how Tindle's life was really not just curious but driven by curiosity about the world surrounding us.'

-  Professor Fritz Trillmich, Bielefeld University, Germany.

'... his work on cancer treatment was used on his daughter. That's really making a difference. Mostly very readable, but also quite technical.' 

-  Steven Carroll, Sydney Morning Herald Feb.28 2017

'I spent Saturday afternoon on the couch captivated by the story ... thank you for the contribution to our world.'

-  Irenee Brooks Oct.25 2016

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